Pricing Guidelines

Pricing Guidelines

Our work is generally bespoke, and as such all repair and custom work is priced at £30 an hour. We will, however, endeavour to give an approximate estimation over the phone, but will give a full quotation when we have been able to see the instrument and discussed and agreed on the work to be undertaken.

Example repairs and setups are difficult to give a set price without seeing the instrument however as a general guide a guitar setup can be as small as £55 but if it requires some fret levelling and re-crowning is generally in the region of £120. A neck break is in the region of £80 to £180 depending on how bad the break is and how much finishing repair is required.

Customers requiring detailed custom inlays that are complex in design will be given an estimate if they can produce a full-size drawing and a deposit of 25% of the total.

Customers wishing to contract with us to have a bespoke instrument made can gain an idea of costs if the desired instrument is of standard/traditional design and style, such as a standard Martin Dreadnought, 0, 00 or 000 guitar or F5 mandolin. The prices below are for guidance only as most customers require specific additional custom features. These will be discussed and will be quoted on top of the standard pricing. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price will be required before work commences.

Please note that we are more than happy to source other instruments, cases and accessories if required. So please contact us directly.

A guideline to our costs for our handmade instruments are as follows:

Steel strung acoustic guitars and mandolins range from £1,500 to £3,000 depending on the choice of materials.

Electric mandolins and guitars £1,200 to £1,950 depending on materials and hardware.

Classical acoustic guitar £1,200 to £3,950.

Please note that we can provide cases, strings and other accessories for all instruments.

We like to consult with our customers to help them define their actual needs to ensure that the instrument that we build or supply is suitable.

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